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  • Life translated in an boundless
    world of nuances

    in a kaleidoscope of chromatic choices, to offer you
    a complete palette with which to create your world,
    with fantasy and originality, according to your needs.

  • With Montidrol®
    water-based products,

    we offer easier and cheaper solutions to problems
    that are featuring this last period of our industrial
    civilization in an heartfelt way.

  • Acquire a new Customer is
    like running a Marathon.

    One foot in front of the other, step by step, quick and steady…
    Face the tasks in front of you and bring them to a successful
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    Focus your attention on every single step, but at the same time
    try to have a global view, and look far away… till the finish.


Earth Moving Machinery

macchine-terra-inescoMixed Systems of different technologies, with water or solvent Primers, One-component or Catalyzed, and Enamels, water-based or solvent-based, Alkyd, Polyurethane or Acrylic, with an excellent grade of finish and brilliance.
Monolayer products, replacing Two Layers Systems, with good resistance to and particularly high performance aesthetic results.
Water-based Spray Primers with specific air drying in order to be overcoated with Powder products.

Electric motors, Geared Motors, Axles

assali-inescoManufactured Painting on different kind of material (cast iron, steel, aluminum, etc.) with water-based products or solvent-based products, usually spray application:

Epoxy Primer high thickness;
Epoxy Primer with high corrosion resistances;
Polyurethane Topcoats catalyzed;
Acrylic Topcoats or Alkyd Topcoats One-component;
Bicomponent Products single coat (Monolayer).


fonderie-inescoProducts for the coating of various components (motor housings, axles, gear motors, ballasts, etc..) made in cast iron, iron, steel, aluminum, water-based or solvent-based, immersion or spray.
Epoxy-Ester Primer with high resistances to Salt Spray, Oils and Alkyd washes.
Alkyd Primer which could have air drying or oven drying at low temperatures.
Acrylic and Alkyd Topcoat, One-component or catalyzed.
Approved Products from the most important Commissions.

Manhole Covers

chiusino-inescoCoating of many kind of Manhole Covers made in cast iron, steel, etc. with water-based immersion products instead of Solvent-based products (particularly harmful and flammable), or Tar based (carcinogenic).
Products with low temperatures drying or air drying.


radiatori-inescoPainting of radiators or similar (radiant plates, radiators, etc.) made in cast iron, iron, aluminum, etc., with water-based immersion Primers and with water-based spray Topcoats or Powder Topcoats.
Special water-based Primers for application as a Primer under the Powder, with air drying or drying by low temperatures (max 60 ° C).

Coating Products for Plastic

prodotti-vernicianti-inescoWide range of water-based Coating Products or solvent-based Coating Products for every kind of plastic substrates.
The main Sector of Topcoats Plastic applications is represented by the components for Automotive, Motorcycles and Appliance.
Other important market segments consist on Electronic Equipments, Objects, Building Components, Furniture and Sports accessories.

Paints for glass

vernici-vetroFull range of water-based products and solvent-based products in order to satisfy every kind of requirement in Sectors where painting and decorating glass are required (bottles, cosmetics, furniture, glassworks, etc.).
Adhesion Primers. Special protective Paints One-component or Two-components, colored and transparent with air drying or oven drying. Protective UV Topcoats. Products for spray application or roller application.


ecoatThanks to our last partnership with one of the most important Global Leader in Electrocoat, we offer a complete range of high-performance products to a wide selection of general industrial customers, such as: Automotive Components (seats, brake drums, springs), ACE Equipment (wheels, cabins, axles, frames), Household Appliances (washing machines, dishwashers), Building Industry (radiators, convectors, industrial shelving, aluminium and steel profiles), etc.

Cathodic Electrocoats

Tin-free epoxy-based primers for automotive accessories, electric housings, switch gear and computer components. They offer excellent mechanical properties, good chemical resistance and superior corrosion protection.

Single layer primers based on acrylic resins that are highly UV resistant, specially developed to provide excellent coverage on the first run. They have a long-term weathering resistance, mechanical properties and powerful corrosion protection.

Anodic Electrocoats

Polyester-based primers or single-coat, with excellent color stability, mainly used for coating of household goods, radiators and other interior objects with a complex shape because they offer outstanding throwing power.


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