+39 049 9004142 info@inesco.it Via A. Volta, 55 - 35030 VEGGIANO (PD)
  • Life translated in an boundless
    world of nuances

    in a kaleidoscope of chromatic choices, to offer you
    a complete palette with which to create your world,
    with fantasy and originality, according to your needs.

  • With Montidrol®
    water-based products,

    we offer easier and cheaper solutions to problems
    that are featuring this last period of our industrial
    civilization in an heartfelt way.

  • Acquire a new Customer is
    like running a Marathon.

    One foot in front of the other, step by step, quick and steady…
    Face the tasks in front of you and bring them to a successful
    end one by one, with passion and enthusiasm, until forces are exhausted.
    Focus your attention on every single step, but at the same time
    try to have a global view, and look far away… till the finish.



In Italy you can find us:
Via A. Volta, 55 Zona Industriale – 35030 Veggiano (PD) – Italy
We’re 2 km far from the Tollgate of Grisignano di Zocco (VI)
+39 0499004142Fax. +39 0499004530
E-mail: info@inesco.it

In Poland we’re present with the following Representative Office:
Wodnik Sp. z o.o.
ul. Domaszowska 106 | 25-320 Kielce
ul. Robotnicza 7 | 25-662 Kielce
Anna Kościelniak - Tel. +48 692341829 | E-mail: wodnik.biuro@onet.eu