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  • With Montidrol®
    water-based products,

    we offer easier and cheaper solutions to problems
    that are featuring this last period of our industrial
    civilization in an heartfelt way.

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logo-montidrolBorn in the Sixties by the wise of the Technical Research of Montedison’s C.R.V., the Montidrol® Mark identifies a range of high performance waterborne products designed for every kind of Industrial sector.
The expression “Montidrol®” was born, in fact, from the combination of two winner words meaning: “Mont” (from Montedison), which defines a Company who first believed in this project of development of the water-based products and “Idrol” (from Water soluble) which indicates, in fact, all water-based paint products.
Passed through the properties of some prestigious Coatings Multinational (Duco, Casco, Akzo, etc…), in 2006 the Montidrol® Mark was exclusively detected by Inesco, with which it has acquired, from Akzo Nobel Fombio, Technologies, Formulas and Raw Materials for the production of this complete range of water-based products, in addition to the Industrial Approvals related to them.
With Montidrol® products, Inesco offers to Industry that employ paint products, easier and cheaper solutions to problems that are featuring this last period of our industrial civilization in an heartfelt way, like:
– Safety of the working environment
– Ecology.



The solvent-based paints are easily flammable and they be a serious danger to all users, especially in some Plants abroad that use big quantities of products in immersion tanks (20-30 m3). This can be
Contrariwise Montidrol® don’t feed the combustion at the purposes and pursuant of the regulation EEC 84/449 and therefore fire risks don’t exist. It follows that these products do not require all the precautions prescribed by the regulations for the storage warehouse of paints solvent. Consequently, even abroad as in Italy, insurance costs for storage decrease and, also, the resulting Taxes attached. Then there is the question of the presence in the work environment of the solvent vapors, irritating smell or even harmful to health. This drawback is significantly reduced by using Montidrol®, as these products are manufactured using water as the solvent and the presence of organic solvents contained in them, while varying quantitatively from product to product, it is still very low values: from 0.5 to 12 %.

ecologicoAs mentioned earlier, are the workers who often manage a stimulating action on the company user to direct it towards the adoption of water-based paints. In other cases is the environment outside factory, that use solvent paints that needs to be protected from the effects that on it are reflected by, for example, gaseous effluents that are released from the drying of paints. If man thinks that a paint contains at least 35% of solvent and that to apply it, is necessary to dilute it again for about another 10-15%, it’s easy to see how for every pound of paint used, man introduces in the surrounding atmosphere about half pound of organic solvent and this can not be acceptable for people who live nearby. Today the problem of organic substances emissions in the atmosphere has been implemented at legislative level, in Italy and, although the compliance of the rules has not yet reached a level of implementation comparable to the level that we found in other parts of Europe; man could said that Companies finally pose the problem and that the competent authorities begin to perform their control action necessary to protect the environment around us. Montidrol® offers solution also to this problem, because the volatile substances different from water that may be released in the atmosphere, are present in a lower quantity. We could also add to all these points that the Overspray of the solvent products, formed in the spray booths, must be disposed as an expensiver special instead of the one created by the product water.