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  • Life translated in an boundless
    world of nuances

    in a kaleidoscope of chromatic choices, to offer you
    a complete palette with which to create your world,
    with fantasy and originality, according to your needs.

  • With Montidrol®
    water-based products,

    we offer easier and cheaper solutions to problems
    that are featuring this last period of our industrial
    civilization in an heartfelt way.

  • Acquire a new Customer is
    like running a Marathon.

    One foot in front of the other, step by step, quick and steady…
    Face the tasks in front of you and bring them to a successful
    end one by one, with passion and enthusiasm, until forces are exhausted.
    Focus your attention on every single step, but at the same time
    try to have a global view, and look far away… till the finish.



icona4-370x300Inesco s.r.l. is present since 20 years in the market of liquid coating products (waterborne and solvent), using its own brand or distributing products of some prestigious Multinational Companies. Since few years it widen its products range, acquiring the sector of General Industry Akzo Nobel Italy.
In June 2006, in fact, with closure of Akzo Nobel Fombio (LO) production plant, Akzo Nobel sold exclusively to Inesco srl technologies for manufacturing of all General Industry products solvent-borne and water-borne (know-how, raw materials and recipes) and use of “Montidrol” brand (which identifies all waterborne products).
This brand in particular identifies a range of waterborne products for the market of Foundries, Tractors, Earth Moving Machines with approvals and test by the most important commissions.
Working in synergy with the Company Akzo Nobel, we are able to offer to any company operating in liquid industrial coating for plastic and metal, a modern Laboratory with an high level technical staff and an organized production processes to ensure the highest quality standards of the products.
Thus Inesco srl is able to propose technical solutions and innovative and highly qualified coating systems, besides a timely and professional technical support, extended to all contractors operating in Italy and in the Eastern Europe.


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