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  • Life translated in an boundless
    world of nuances

    in a kaleidoscope of chromatic choices, to offer you
    a complete palette with which to create your world,
    with fantasy and originality, according to your needs.

  • With Montidrol®
    water-based products,

    we offer easier and cheaper solutions to problems
    that are featuring this last period of our industrial
    civilization in an heartfelt way.

  • Acquire a new Customer is
    like running a Marathon.

    One foot in front of the other, step by step, quick and steady…
    Face the tasks in front of you and bring them to a successful
    end one by one, with passion and enthusiasm, until forces are exhausted.
    Focus your attention on every single step, but at the same time
    try to have a global view, and look far away… till the finish.



Life, translated in an boundless world of nuances, in a universe of shades, in a kaleidoscope of chromatic choices, to offer you a complete palette with which to create your world, with fantasy and originality, according to your needs.

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From car and motorbike components to accessories for sport, from the finish on a pair of glasses to the parts of a domestic appliance, from the bodies of agricultural machinery to the frames of racing bikes, from electronic appliances to furnishing articles. Innumerable possibilities, innumerable colours available.

Inesco ’s vast range of water and solvent based paint products for all types of plastic and metal and its ability to elaborate innumerable varieties of shades allows it to solve any problem related to the application of special paints, with reference to all the various sectors of industrial painting.

For over twenty years Inesco has stood out for the continuous and professional technical assistance offered to customers and for its prompt deliveries, and not just for this. All requests, even the most difficult and unusual, are developed together with the customer, until the necessary result is obtained. Inesco combines craft know-how with creativity to offer product innovations with continuous research into styles and trends.




A clean and sanitized environment with professional sanitation methods and systems can prevent the onset of allergies, as well as other respiratory and skin disorders, thus helping to

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Charismatic General Manager with ten years experience in several Multinational Industry, rules the market with absolute wisdom and competence.
Carlo ZaccariaGeneral Manager
Carlo Zaccaria
Young and dynamic Entrepreneur, cares sales and manages the sales network in Italy and abroad with shrewdness and professionality.
Nicola ZaccariaSales Director
Nicola Zaccaria
Efficient and friendly reference of the Customer Service, is fully able to fulfill every kind of Customer expectations before and after the purchase of our products.
Andreea VrabieCustomer Service
Andreea Vrabie
Technical Manager, precursor of the water-based paints, from 30 years a fervid formulator, leads a functional laboratory and always sensitive to Customer needs.
Ernesto SusaniTechnical Manager
Ernesto Susani
Chief of the Administration Office, will assist you with courtesy and promptness, regarding each activities of administrative, patrimonial and fiscal nature.
Marisa De ChecchiAdministration
Marisa De Checchi
Referent Poland Sales Office, represents, through Wodnik Company, our Company with reliability and thoroughness.
Anna KościelniakPoland Representative
Anna Kościelniak
Skilled and diligent in charge of commercial relations with foreign countries, she deals to satisfy worldwide customers needs with great interpersonal skills.
Giulia LonardiInternational Relationship Office
Giulia Lonardi

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